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Tips for a Fun and Successful Corporate Business Event

It can be difficult to plan an event like this for a whole host of reasons, so we’ve put together some tips for helping your corporate business event be as fun and successful as possible.

Ensure everyone gets an invite       

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s an absolutely vital one. It’s so important that you ensure that every single employee gets invited; from the cleaners to the CEOs. If someone gets forgotten, that could make for a really awkward discussion around the water cooler on Monday morning.

Aim to find a date and location that works for everyone

Whilst it will be pretty impossible to pick a date that everyone can make and will be happy with, you should at least aim to do as best as possible. You could send an email round a month or so before the event, with a few suggested dates and get people to vote for their preferred one. Likewise, don’t choose a location that’s far away from where everyone lives, unless of course you’re planning on providing transport. Oh, and don’t hold it at the office! Your employees will want to relax; not hang out where they work after hours!

Keep your brand at the heart of everything

Corporate business events are a great way of celebrating all the hard work that you all have been putting in to make your company the way it is. Therefore, remind your employees of what you’ve achieved at these events. Include presentation signage with your branding on it, and stats of your recent successes to boost morale and show everyone their hard work is paying off.

Provide food and drink

Providing some light refreshments for your employees is a great way of rewarding them, and for ensuring that they have a great time at your corporate event. Ensure you have plenty for everyone, and that you cater to all dietary requirements and allergies. You could even hold a corporate wine tasting event, which is sure to be a winner with those who drink!

Keep your guests entertained

Providing some light entertainment for your guests is a great idea to make the event much more fun and memorable. It could be anything from things like hiring a live DJ or band, or even to prepare some fun, grown up games.

Don’t make it expensive for your employees

There’s nothing worse than being invited to an event that will cost you the earth to get to and back from, and will also cost you loads whilst you’re there (i.e. if the drinks are really expensive). Therefore it’s important to think about the different budgets of your employees so you can take that into consideration when booking your event.