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‘Tis the season 2014 – Holiday Email Marketing Infographic!

So, in this post I try to come up with 4 amazing tips encompassing holiday season followed by an infographic depicting some interesting stats and tips for better holiday email marketing in 2014.

-  Mobile email is in the vogue!

It’s the time to woo your on the go recipients. While 2013 holiday season accounted for more than 48% email opens on the mobile, the number is surely expected to rise in 2014 holiday season. Making the most out of your mobile audience will be the key to attain divinity this holiday season. It is advisable to spend more efforts on responsive emails and provide a superior cross platform experience to subscribers and prospects.

-  Domain reputation is mission critical!

40% companies could not communicate with their target audience on account of poor deliverability. Not only this, 61% companies experienced events that could damage their domain reputation in the last holiday season. So, given these facts, it is now of paramount importance to understand ISPs rules, abide by the same and ensure that the domain reputation isn’t hurt. Measure the volume of email sent, engagement on your campaigns, number of complaints and hard bounces, etc. All these, if dealt in a proper way will make the flow of communication easy.


And then, here’s the jackpot! An infographic talking about holiday email marketing tips in 2014, marketers’ expectations from 2014 holidays, holiday calendar for 2014 and some lessons from 2013 holiday season.