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Top 10 Ingenious Email Marketing Techniques

Top 10 Ingenious Email Marketing Techniques


In today's online marketing world, one of the best ways for you to reach your client is through email marketing. Email marketing allows you to get in touch with your customers through something they look at every day, and you can promote your brand and your products right to them. When implemented properly, email marketing can be a budget-friendly, high-return investment. Below are some of the best email marketing techniques to help get you started.


  1. Welcome Emails – Whenever someone signs up for your email list, they should be immediately greeted with a welcome message. It doesn't have to be anything too complicated – just a simply hello, thank you for subscribing, and we hope you enjoy these emails.


  1. Be Relevant – If your customers sign up for your email list, it is because they want information on what your brand is offering. This means don't try and sell them on something else or give them things they don't need. If your blog is about cooking, don't send emails about great exercise routines.


  1. Personalize It – With email marketing, there are ways to customize the emails you send out so that they are different to each person. By including variables in your email copy – ones that change based on customer information – you can provide a custom email for your subscribers, and this in turn will be more valuable to them.


  1. Optimize For Mobile – So many people now get their email through their mobile devices, that you need to make sure your emails are being presented well. In fact, some experts suggest that simply having your emails no optimized for mobile devices can cost you a ton of business. It doesn't take long, and it will be worth it in the end.


  1. Keep It Concise and Clear – When you send out emails, don't include a bunch of fluff in them. If your emails are too long, or use too many words that are hard to understand, it will turn people off. People are pressed for time, so tell them what they need to know in that email as quickly and effectively as you can.


  1. Start A Newsletter – Instead of just sending out emails with product information, consider starting up a newsletter. This is a great way to keep people informed about what your company is doing, and to make them feel a part of your business.


  1. Always Link Back – In each email, be sure you have links back to your business. You don't have to overdue it, but if you are not giving people an easy way to find your website, you are missing the point of the emails. A simply link at the bottom directing them towards your site is more than enough.


  1. Promote Deals – As a part of your email marketing campaign, include special deals that are only available to email subscribers. This will give them a reason to keep subscribing to your messages, and will help to bring in customers. Many companies use social media for this, but you can achieve the same thing through your email.


  1. Track It – One of the most important steps of an email marketing campaign is to know if it is working. You need to track which emails are bringing people in, and which ones are resulting in business. Tracking your email marketing can be difficult, so consider getting a third party, like managed email marketing with ListGiant, involved.


  1. Follow Ups – Whenever someone makes a purchase on your site, be sure to send them a thank you email. This provides a nice personal touch, and allows the customer to confirm that the purchase order went through. You can also recommend other products/services through this email in order to generate more business after the initial purchase.