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Top 10 tips for great B2B content marketing

Allister Frost recently shared his insight on how to develop a successful content strategy for B2B marketers. The CEO of Wild Orange Media and former head of digital marketing strategy at Microsoft shared his top 10 tips for how you can embed a value-based approach to your campaign at the recent B2B Marketing training session on content marketing. 

10 tips for great B2B content marketing

  1. Customers do not care about you and your products, they care about themselves and their problems, and that’s where your content efforts should be focussed.
  2. Decide what you want your content to achieve, at a very simplistic level will each piece inform or entertain?
  3. Choose S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives, and track progress using as few metrics as possible, ideally just one.
  4. Secure stakeholder buy-in across the organisation before progressing; you’ll need their help before long.
  5. Identify existing content producers across the organisation and get them on side.
  6. Plan, plan, plan, your content marketing strategy; don’t start until the plan makes long-term sense.
  7. Decide who will own the editorial process, scheduling and analytics; assign ownership and accountability.
  8. Identify your target audience and develop user personas derived from research.
  9. Focus on the topics that your target audience really care about. (Remember: they’re not interested in you, see point 1 above).
  10. Deliver through handpicked channels that will help drive profitable customer action

Upcoming training – ‘How to Make Marketing Automation Work’

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In the mean time, the next B2B Marketing training session will be ‘How to make marketing automation work’ delivered by Pete Jakob, a B2B marketing veteran with nearly 30 years experience at IBM. Download B2B Marketing's Official Guide to Marketing Automation as a teaser of what to expect.