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Top 3 Business Tech Forecasts For 2014

There are always new trends and ideas that have ‘their year’ and we have highlighted those things that we think 2014 is their year.

There are simply too many ‘predicted’ trends to mention but we have narrowed it down to those that we think will have a huge effect across businesses throughout the UK specifically. These are:

Mobile apps for businesses of all sizes will become mainstream

To some respect this has already been happening but as technology improves and many customers turn to their smartphones and tablets, businesses will look even more into the app world for answers. Apps are always growing in popularity and as more and more businesses recognise their effectiveness for helping with day-to-day tasks, they will adopt them as part of their strategy.

There are a number of apps that already exist, like file sharing apps, data capture and order processing applications that help communication, business and customers.

IT Managers to become even more influential

More IT managers are hosting resources in the cloud, which attracts both money savings and efficiencies, and turning their cheeks to their traditional operational management like troubleshooting and regular maintenance.

This will mean that these IT staff will become more strategically focused, spending much more time seeking new technologies and networking designs to help improve business efficiency and reducing costs. Cloud services will massively grow within many companies throughout 2014 giving IT managers a more directional job role.

Video will explode online

Video, with help from social networking websites, has massively grown over the last year and this year could see this explode all over the internet. As many digital marketing companies look to introduce videos into their strategies, the internet could be taken over by video traffic. In fact, tech-wizards are predicting that this year, video could make up 90% of internet traffic. 

Advertisements have had a great deal of success from videos over the last few years and 2014 could the year that more and more people use video to improve their companies brand and awareness.

Mobile apps for businesses, IT managers’ roles with help from cloud services and video marketing are all trends that have already shown their potential throughout 2013 and could further prove their worth this year.



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