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Top 5 Typography Trends For Marketing


Until recently, marketing typography remained a relatively limited field. Only a few fonts were recommended on-screen use because of their readability.

In 2013, the world of marketing changed, especially when it comes to internet promotion. Typography moved to the front of the stage, becoming a determining element for creativity.

Typography trends change all the time and some of the modern typography solutions are very different from what designers used to do several years ago. Here are five interesting typography trends for marketing that designers can make use of today.

Grunge Fonts
The name of this group of fonts says it all. Grunge was an alternative music movement and the typography created to honor it is rough, different and noticeable. Grunge fonts became incredibly popular in 2013, both in the world of internet and in print promotion.

A grunge font can successfully incorporate attitude into a marketing campaign. It should be used sparingly for the most important part of the message. Consistency is an alien concept when it comes to using grunge typography. Each letter has its specifics and looks like something that has been created manually by an artist.

Slab Serif Fonts
This is another very bold trend in the niche of marketing. Slab serif letters can be seen on various websites, as well as in a range of marketing campaigns because of their ability to get the message noticed.

Slab serif typefaces are characterized by thickness. These fonts can be both angular and rounded and they are perfect for headlines, pull-quotes and other parts of the content that you want to have highlighted. To have an effect slab serif fonts also have to be used sparingly so they stand out from the rest.

Handmade Text Fonts
The uniqueness and imperfection of grunge fonts makes them unique and the same applies to handmade or handwritten text (or text that looks like it has been handwritten). These types of typography have also become tremendously popular because of the uniqueness and the personality that they bring.

Many designers are trying to set themselves and their work apart. This is why they work on modifying the fonts that everybody else relies on. Handwritten letters add playfulness to the marketing message. There is something warm and intimate about text that has been written by hand rather than typed on the screen. Make sure you are fully utilizing your homemade fonts by keeping them organized for future use in font control panel. Check out some Photoshop hacks online to ensure you are getting the most out this program.

Handmade text fonts are great for alternative culture posters, art events, non-profit organization marketing and the promotion of initiatives. It still has to become mainstream but the popularity of this promotional typography is on the rise.

Classics Gone Wild

Many classic and vintage fonts have been modified and modernized. This is yet another popular trend in typography today.

Many designers are getting inspired by classic works and all posters. They try to create the same emotion by creating a slightly more modern version. Such texts look unique and customized, just like the other popular picks already mentioned.

Vintage and classic-inspired fonts are suitable for any marketing campaign that holds classiness and sophistication as the main priorities.

Typography Instead of Images
Can you imagine text replacing visuals? It is already happening and the style has already gained a lot of momentum.

Each font has specific characteristics that can affect the audience in one way or another. Many designers are experimenting with the curves and shapes of letters, using these to illustrate content. Free stock images are readily available and to make a great impression, many websites and publications are trying something new. Illustrations that focus on typography are one such great opportunity to stand out.

Typography today can look very futuristic or it can present the designer’s take on a classic. Whatever the approach is, successful marketing typography has to be unique. Large letters, modified fonts and handwritten text are all capable of getting noticed. The selection depends on the type of campaign and the topics that the marketing materials have to discuss.