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Marketers have long maintained their craft can be split into two philosophies: art and science. (Or, more realistically, it’s an argument they’ve had to agree to disagree on.) However, with technological advancements and an increased ROI fixation, team science is gaining the upper hand. If big data and ever-evolving technologies are heralding the shift toward science, is storytelling the last bastion of marketing as an art?

Citrix GoToWebinar issued a call-to-arms to the marketing artists with their newly published paper, Brand story telling done right. In five chapters the guide explores the steps to engage customers and promote brands. At the end of the piece – partnered with journalist and media strategist, Tessa Wegert – readers are provided with a write-your-own-brand-story template for a steady narrative.

As well as honing a compelling brand story, engaging customers digitally is now an integral aspect in the brand experience. The latest ebook from Marketo instructs marketers to Get started with digital and engagement marketing. Delving into the concept of digital marketing, the paper reveals how to be successful in today's modern, complex business landscape across multiple digital channels.

Before customers can be enthralled by a fully-packaged digital experience, markets need to be acquired. And research suggests that more than half of brands are planning to boost their digital marketing spend over the coming year, which is why effective lead generation is now more imperative than ever. Whether the aim is to boost an existing position within a niche or to explore new opportunities, Cracking new markets – A step-by-step guide to B2B lead generation, from Digital Radish, demonstrates ways to focus efforts to maximise ROI.

With the prevalent digitisation of marketing you’d be forgiven for assuming B2B event marketing is becoming obsolete. Indeed, events require significant investment and substantial planning, but – when executed correctly – they can provide substantial ROI. How can you boost performance from events and exhibitions, from Lead Forensics, offers three integral steps to maximise lead generation and ROI at events and exhibitions.

And finally, marketers have registed on mass to the upcoming webinar, Insight driven social media - How to use social media data and analytics to shape priorities and enable strategic decisions, from The Crocodile. The presentation – broadcasting Tuesday 15 September – is set to teach listeners how to move beyond basic reach and engagement metrics and start distilling valuable business insights from the vast amounts of data in the social media landscape.

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