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Top B2B Marketing downloads

London tech has already surpassed that of San Francisco and all signs are suggesting that this will continue. According to City AM, no other city in the world can match the cluster of ideas, talent and capital. And yet, the overarching theme of last week’s most downloaded items suggests many B2B organisations are struggling to operate in an increasingly digital selling environment.

The most downloaded item of last week was Dynamic marketing – How programmatic, mobile, social and native will reshape the marketing landscape in 2015. Research highlighted by Citrix GoTo Webinar in this whitepaper claims that each month customers spend more time on mobile (forty-two hours) than PCs (a meagre twenty-nine hours). This may be a dismal fact for human interaction, but it’s a promising opportunity for shrewd marketers.

New technology may have radically transformed the way we interact with each other, business buyer behaviour and the dynamics of the sales and marketing funnel, but telemarketing remains a potent force to B2B brands seeking to generate, nurture and convert prospects into customers. The funnel and the phone by The Telemarketing Company and B2B Marketing examines how marketers can maximise opportunities through this channel.

There are many differences between content marketing and a piece of string. However, the one that first springs to (I expect everybody’s) mind is that a piece of string isn’t measurable, whereas content marketing can be. The ultimate content planner 2.0 from Lead Forensics enables marketers to plan a content marketing strategy, score its performance and analyse the results.

Your company probably doesn’t have biological information, but it if it, would it be digital? B2B Marketing joined forces with Fusionworkshop and Sitecore UK to garner a snapshot of how well B2B marketers think they, their bosses, and the organisations they represent are doing with digital. The resulting report, Do you have digital DNA, attracted a late surge of downloads last week.

And finally, it’s over one hundred years since everyone’s favourite capitalist and religious leader, John Wannamaker, said the famous words: ‘I know half my advertising dollars are wasted. I just don’t know which half.’ Unfortunately nowadays a semi-pithy shrug of a quote such as this wouldn’t do much to save a B2B agency from unproven ROI. Blueprint for digital marketing series – Using measurement to never lose a retainer from Marketscan demonstrates how agencies can prove the worth of their marketing campaigns by highlighting the key metrics to adopt on email, social media and websites.

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