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Top B2B Marketing downloads: February

February ended with the 88th Academy Awards ceremony. And surely this year’s event will be remembered as an historical shift in judging attitudes; a successful campaign for the unbiased acknowledgment of contributions to acting; the fair representation of talent in the awards it issues: yes, Leo finally won Best Actor in a Leading Role. (Apparently there was something about racism as well.)

Held very much in the same esteem as the Oscars among B2B marketers, it’s now time to reveal last month’s top B2B Marketing downloads...

Top B2B Marketing downloads: February

5. If they can't read, they won't buy, SDL

With 72 per cent of internet users preferring to be addressed in a language other than English, content translation can enable huge growth for your company. 

From colloquial expressions to the significance of animals, this whitepaper outlines everything you need to know about going local with content.

Top B2B Marketing downloads: February

4. Attention is currency, LinkedIn

In the last 30 years, mankind has produced more information than in the previous 5000. At the same time, attention spans are decreasing. How do marketers cut through this information overload?

This whitepaper from LinkedIn explains why it's time to shelve your current digital strategy and campaigns.

Top B2B Marketing downloads: February

3. Analysing the value of responsive web design can be messy, Adobe Marketing Cloud 

How do you attribute increased traffic, conversions, or revenue to a single philosophy investment? The realistic answer: you don’t.

This report from Adobe discusses the strategies digital marketers need to embrace to show value via a 'oneweb' message.

Top B2B Marketing downloads: February

2. The B2B Buyer's Survey Report, Demandbase

As social takes on a more prominent role for B2B buyers, content remains critical to the buying process and buyers want more of it.

This B2B buyer's survey report from Demandbase identifies the significant trends in the modern buyer's behaviour.

Top B2B Marketing downloads: February

1. What not to do in B2B marketing, Harte Hanks

B2B marketers need to make every customer interaction count. Achieving this requires effective, relevant communications underpinned by long-term, data-driven strategies that make effective use of marketing technologies.

This whitepaper from Harte Hanks outlines the three main marketing pitfalls and offers actionable tips on how to avoid them, enabling you to provide tangible ROI for your activities in 2016.