Top B2B Marketing downloads: A November retrospective

November is a funny old month. A time of violent sales, philanthropic facial hair, and premature darkness. The balmy summer past and looming festive season bear so heavily either side that it feels there’s no time for the present at all. But in this pivotal month marketers have sought stability and solitude in the ever-expanding mix of downloadable content from B2B Marketing.    

Here are the five papers that are shaping the face of B2B Marketing this month.

  1. Harte Hanks: The four biggest challenges facing B2B tech marketers today

This four-part series from Harte Hanks’ head of B2B global teleservices, Chris Ronald, addresses the common pain points of B2B marketers, using examples from the technology sector.

With each instalment honing in on a topic, followers have learned how to:

  • Build an ecosystem that makes the most of available tools and technologies.
  • Generate high-quality, real-time data and using it to drive sales and ROI.
  • Show an increased ROI for marketing activities despite shrinking headcounts and budgets.
  • Unify communication strategies across channels throughout the customer journey.
  1. Marketscan: Three reasons you're getting big data wrong

Saying that “'Big Data' is the marketing buzzphrase” has become a cliché within itself. It's been impossible to ignore over recent years as the volume of data surrounding every aspect of human life has grown exponentially.

So why are B2B marketers getting it wrong? Marketscan’s contribution to November’s Top Downloads investigates the much talked about but little understood world of big data..

  1. Speed communications: Make me care – How to create content that people pay attention to

Within two hours of waking we see and hear roughly 350 pieces of content. TV, radio, internet, email, text message, billboard – the list goes on – content is everywhere. Due to this rise in content marketing brands are now a sub-theme of the conversations they may once have dominated.

This whitepaper from Speed Communications provides five easy-to-follow steps to creating quality content in an expanding, increasingly noisy digital space to ensure your voice is heard.

  1. Adobe: Quest for mobile excellence

A year is a long time in the world of mobile as smartphones, tablets, and even wearables are becoming more embedded in our lives. But many companies still haven’t been able to formulate an overarching strategy for mobile, when this is something that cuts across so many different business functions.

This research comes 12 months after Adobe published its Finding the Path to Mobile Maturity report, giving a great opportunity to assess the progress that companies have made in the intervening period.

  1. Demandbase: Making  B2B display ads take flight

Marketing technology is a fast-growing, innovative segment, and new technologies are being designed specifically for marketers that sell to businesses.

With the ability to directly connect marketing spending to revenue, innovative marketers are using tools such as display advertising to better connect with teams of buyers at businesses that show propensity to buy.