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Top B2B Marketing Trends to Watch-Out in 2015

It is unfortunate that the majority of B2B marketers, living in today’s hi-tech digital communication age still rely on conventional methods like advertising in the industry publications, trade shows, direct mailing, etc, to promote a particular brand. Either of the reasons include, being unaware of the latest trends or having a lack of desire to accept the new. 


The year 2014 was all about social media marketing and content marketing. The digital market experts predict that there will no major changes in the existing trends this year, however, the following year will witness some minor shifts and transformation that will definitely impact the industry significantly. Those who adopt and test the new approaches can be assured of witnessing big gains, and the ones who still want to cling to the existing approaches will surely witness the competitors going forward. The following are some of the top BRB marketing trends that are yet to rule the industry next year. 

•    Direct Involvement of Technology

Digital market experts believe that more and more firms dealing with B2B marketing will consider technology to be their prime determinant of growth. In fact, the marketing departments of most of the firms are looking to increase their investments on technology, in order to utilize more and more digital space for advertising. Even more advanced and effective tools including social media management tools, market automation software, content management systems, etc., are yet to hit the market. 

•    Increased Dependence on Mobile

The consistently booming mobile market presents an indicative picture that in the following years, mobile marketing is going to be the ruling trend. Market researches show that the number of people using smart phones all over the world has been consistently increasing. And, there will be no changes to this trend next year, as well. It is important to note that two-thirds of the total number of mobile owners in U.S access the internet and check the mail through the phone. This proves that in the following year, an increasing number of firms will focus on developing user-friendly websites and contents that can be accessed from multiple devices. 

•    Content Marketing Strategy yet to become more effective

It is evident, that we are on the verge of witnessing a fundamental change in the marketing strategies, and it will not be wrong if one claims that content marketing is the nucleus of all the other strategies. While most of us have still not experienced the direct effects of it, content marketing is surely going to be the future. With time, more and more companies are focusing on putting together effective strategic foundations within their content management programs.

•    Evolution of Advanced Social Media Marketing and Measurement Tools

In the coming days, the world is going to witness the evolution of even more advanced social media marketing and measurement tools which are going to provide the organization with an opportunity to reach a wider target audience. 

Apart from these trends, there are other minor changes that are going to impact B2B marketing next year. The best part is, the marketing professionals are going to get even more opportunities to enhance the gains significantly.

Author’s Bio- James Patrick is a professional article writer and blogger who loves to write on various topics related to marketing, Mazda Aftermarket Headlights, he believes that B2B marketing is yet to witness the biggest changes in the coming years.