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Top Features to take your marketing to the next level

World Wide Web is, without a doubt, the most revered enablers for businesses. However, what can’t be denied is that it is also the most misconstrued platforms for conducting business. So many businesspersons and entrepreneurs hook up their future plans on the internet, only to realize that their online business fail to make any mark with the customers.

Long story short – a great product could sell itself in the conventional marketplace, but it needs a sellable website to get sold online. This makes website and user experience designs vital pillars of your web store. If you’re into online business, or are planning to move that way, carefully read through all the indispensible features that your website needs to have for it to be a hit with the users. We share three proven effective and lesser used techniques that can give you ‘differentiated’ advantage over others, rather than the run-of-the mill suggestions that everyone is using anyways.

Leverage the most inexpensive and most powerful repeat business guaranteeing marketing tool

We’re talking about email marketing for your web store. If you’ve dismissed emails as impact-less messaging mediums, think again. Emails have been proven to be the most effective marketing tool to ensure repeat business and instigate purchases when there’s none intended. Classy email designs, deals that make the readers drool, and single click redirects to product pages – these are the integral spices of a winning email marketing strategy for your web store. Imagine all the benefits, at the near zero cost over the long run!

A home page that’s never the same

Chew over and gulp down the fact that whether you like it or not, whether your designers and IT team threaten to go on a strike or not, the landing page of the web store needs to be updated as frequently as possible, at least once a day. It’s a damp experience for users to come over to the same storefront; not only does this make you lose out on chances of unplanned purchases, but also gives off an impression of your web store lacking adequate product coverage. I had words with Neil from Cartridge Ink about how circulating through your existing product catalog and rearranging offers on the storefront keeps the users coming back to check if there’s something they wish to try out, which is so important to the success of a web store.

Social connectivity

You’ll have to surf far and wide to find a prospective online shopper who does not have a social media profile. So, why not bring in the social media advantage, which is pretty much exactly how the coveted word-of-mouth happens in the real world! Let users post product pages and purchase information on their social media profiles, ask them to login using their social media logins, and being in all the content being exchanges in conversations pertaining to particular products. Do all this, and everything that entrenches social media well and truly into your web store.