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The Top Five Promotional Products for Businesses

Promotional products are used around the world to promote a brand, event, company or corporate identity. These products are typically gifted at trade shows, interactive marketing campaigns and conferences with the purpose of popularising the company and its products or services.

Further to this, promotional products can also serve as advertising elements, as the merchandise articles are typically branded with the logo of the promoting company. These products help the company sub consciously stay in the minds of their target audience. It is fairly important for companies to offer products that customers will see as useful so they can receive maximum return on investment.

This article will discuss the top 10 promotional products that most campaigning entities opt for.

Personalised jackets and t-shirts

One of the top reasons why companies choose to hand out promotional products is to gain attention and increase awareness for their brand. Handing out jackets and t-shirts helps achieve this quite easily. This is because business logos and brands can act as a form of advertising.

When they are worn by customers, a number of people are able to see the company’s logo thus they are exposed to it. This helps to refresh people’s memory about the company and its products or services. For others, it can also be used as an introduction to a company.

Ideally, these jackets and t-shirts should be made available in a variety of sizes, as customers may not feel comfortable wearing these pieces of clothing in free sizes. A company will always need to keep in mind the target audience to whom the clothing will be distributed amongst. For example, if the audience is made up of a younger demographic, then a company should distribute hooded sweatshirts, while a middle aged audience would probably prefer class t-shirts.

Post-Its and Pens

Post-Its are a promotional product that many companies and businesses use as they are small in size and customers are easily able to carry them. Typically, companies will have their name printed on these notes so that when they are used, the customer is reminded of the company. Similar to post-its, pens are a commonly used product as they are economical and are generally shared by people thus increasing the chances of brand exposure to others. 

Travel Mugs and Water Bottles

Travel mugs and water bottles are great as a promotional product as they not only provide a larger surface on which to promote a company, but also because they are a highly functional item. It is important to hand out travel mugs and water bottles that are of good quality and do not leak or spill. When customers receive these quality bottles and mugs, they will most likely use it when they are at work or travelling elsewhere. Again, this will bring your company more exposure.


If you can, avoid handing out notepads with your company logo only on the front and back covers. This is because customers might leave their notebooks open and fold them along the centre so they don’t have to reopen them every time. In this instance, even though these notepads will be used on a regular basis, they will not remind the user of your company because of decreased visibility of the logo or company name. To prevent this from happening ensure that all the pages have some sort of reminder of who your company is.

Card Holders

Business card holders are another great way to promote products that companies give their clients or customers. When handing them out ensure that they are stylish, modern and made from good quality materials so that your clients are motivated to place them on their desk. Business card holders made from faux leather and plastic are ideal as they are economical options. Alternatively, you can opt for wooden card holders or slightly expensive metal to help make a professional impression on your clients or customers.

Since the days of George Washington popularising promotional products during his elections in 1789, a niche but established industry catering to an ever rising demand for these products has come about. Because of this, businesses and companies are able to promote their products and services to clients and customers using a wide range of innovative items.