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Top goals of social media Marketing – Secret behind the algorithm and types of channels

What is the way to sum up the state of digital media in 2014? In one word, it should be called “innovating”! What social media was to 2010, sales and lead generation are to 2014. Digital marketers are working everywhere not only to understand how to get a grip around the data which is relevant to them but also to filter noise and locate good stuff. They’re also working to figure out the ways in which they can use data to drive the strategies that instantly lead to increased sales and leads. In short, the battle cry of the digital marketers is “more sales, more leads”. 

2014 state of digital marketing – Goals of B2B and B2C marketers 

According to a survey that questioned more than 500 marketers about their top challenges and goals, it was found out that unlike last year, the priorities of this year was focused elsewhere. For the B2B marketers, the top priority is to generate more and more leads and for the B2C marketers, it’s doubling the sales of their company. In fact, the top 3 goals of both the B2B and the B2C marketers are to generate leads, drive sales and improve awareness. The two groups are different in their order of importance as B2B marketers emphasize more on generating leads and the B2C marketers drive sales at the top of the list. 

Although generating leads is the top objective of the B2B marketers, yet this is also the top challenge in their field throughout the year. For the B2C marketers, measuring ROI is their greatest challenge, while integrating and producing content throughout all the channels is the top most challenge for the marketers. Measuring ROI through all channels appears to be a struggle for all different kinds of marketers and 26% of them aren’t aware of which channel delivers the best leads and which generates best revenue. 

Beware of the social media algorithm chasers – What is the social media algorithm? 

There are some digital marketers who are always chasing social media algorithm and focussing on a better ranking or more ‘likes’ and for all these reasons, their content strategy is gradually devalued. How can you make the social media algorithm work for you? Check out some key features. 

  1. User experience is the key: People on social media are often intimidated with the same images, posts which they find irrelevant or uninteresting. Hence, improving user experience with its news feeds so that the content looks relevant and trustworthy is the secret that can help you get more attention on different social networking websites. 
  1. Make sure social media ads are targeted: Facebook is indeed the biggest channel for the digital marketers and studies show that marketers have a tough time reaching their audience. Don’t waste your dollars on people who don’t wish to see your content; instead target it to the right person whom you want to reach.
  2. Small budget can have a good ROI: You may think that a small budget might just be a drop in the bucket of Google AdWords but this small amount can lead to huge dollars on a business page. With relevant and targeted ads, you will definitely get a bang for your bucks. 

Social media goals for businesses 

Check out the social media goals for organizations and businesses: 

  1. Building the brand: When it comes to reinforcing your brand, social media is always the most powerful marketing tools available. It offers you the broadest opportunity to find your target audience and engage in conversation with them. 
  1. Drive conversions: One of the smartest reasons to use social media platform is to boost your conversion efforts. Whether you’re increasing leads or driving sales, conversions can be easily traced in the realm of social media. 
  1. Increase web presence: No company in 2014 can be complete without an effective web presence. By conversing with your clients, letting them know about your products, you are doing nothing but enhancing your web presence, 

Hence, the above listed points are the top common social media strategies and goals for business. If you own a business and wish to boost your online sales, embrace the social media before it’s too late.