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Top tips for customer-centric digital marketing

Col Skinner, digital Strategist and Consultant at Profoundry, explains how B2B brands can ensure their digital presence is customer-centric

At the heart of every one of these decisions should be the customer, as without them you have no business. Being 'customer-centric' is defined as 'placing the customer at the centre of a company's marketing effort, focusing on customers rather than sales' (Source). The popularity of this term and mentality have recently peaked:

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Successfully applying this customer centricity to your digital presence and marketing efforts can mean the difference between and success and failure. This can set you apart from the competition and help you increase your conversion rates. Below I briefly cover three customer centric techniques that you can add into your digital strategy today.

Live chat

Live Chat platforms can be a great way of converting those B2B visitors who have initial questions or reservations. Your current customer service team can be signed into Live Chat whilst manning the phones. The cost is minimal (even free for some plans) and the potential customer service/ lead gen rewards can be great. Also you gain real-time insight into where visitors are on your site at that very moment. This can be great for sparking conversation with them. For example if they are on your FAQ's page you can message them asking if they have any questions. If their IP address shows they are local you can message them saying you are based around the corner if they would like a meeting. This side of things can also be automated by setting up various rules. 

Call tracking
Call tracking works by installing a small piece of code on your website that uses cookies placed on the individual visitors browser to deliver them a unique phone number. If they happen to call this number their call is recorded by the call tracking system along with their details including where they came from (direct, search engine, referred website). You're call handlers score the calls using the dial pad  and this information is also pulled into the system's dashboard. From here you can analyse calls and establish what sources or marketing channels are sending the most customers. This is particularly relevant for B2B businesses as their websites are often about generating leads, the majority of which are likely to be calls. 

B2B services/products will often be researched far more than any B2C or ecommerce product so having the ability to market to warm leads is crucial. Visitors will often have multiple visits to various websites before making a decision or making contact. Remarketing is an online marketing technique that lets B2B businesses reach out to visitors who already visited their website. This has powerful implications for trying to turn abandoned visits into leads. There are many digital advertising that have the ability to market to past visitors. Google's Adwords platform is probably one of the most heavily used. Essentially this works by adding a small tag across your website pages. Once this is done your Adwords system will begin to create remarketing lists made up of previous visitors. You can then build a campaign that shows these visitors relevant ads as they browse the web or as search on Google. This then pushes them back into the buying funnel and hopefully drives them to convert this time.