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Towards becoming a great marketer: the four forgotten secrets

Do you know the main reason why most businesses in the 21st century do not live long enough to celebrate their first anniversary and why you could contribute to the fatal statistic, as well?

The answer is simple …. MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING.

Effective marketing is the “life blood” of the success of any enterprise. Without marketing, you will be like a young man winking to a lady in the dark.

Without marketing, your business will not generate sufficient revenues and you will soon close your doors.

So, what is preventing you from becoming a great marketer and sail the success of your business a notch higher?

Here are four vital secrets that most businesses seem to have forgotten.

1. Aim to build market trust

Businesses that are committed on realizing market growth should have a robust and efficient marketing strategy that is reasonable and commitment based.

Whether you are engaging in online or offline marketing, your strategy should aim to establish trust with both present and future customers.

You should aim to keep your promises and endeavour to develop strong working relationships with your customers.

As the people network, you should avoid the robotic approach to marketing and always go the extra mile to assist customers have value for their money.

So, do not promise your customers wine while you are only able to sell water.

2. Listen to the needs of your customers

Is there a time you have communicated with someone who seems not to be listening to your words? How did it feel? Having a one-way conversation is frustrating and no one likes that feeling.

Is this the same thing with your marketing efforts?  Oops! Turning a deaf ear to the needs of your customers will not be profitable to your business.

You need to take time to listen to what your customers really need. Apply a personal touch to your marketing efforts so that you can efficiently address the unique needs of your customers.

3. Be versatile and creative

The success of your marketing will depend on your versatility and creativity. Remember that every business is unique.

Even if a business provides similar services as another one across the road, the two are still like oil and water; they are distinct from each other.

Most business owners have forgotten to think outside the box in their marketing efforts. They confine themselves to following the footsteps of other businesses.

You should not limit your promotion techniques to a cliché approach already exhausted by others. Be creative and develop strategies distinctive and appropriate for the very business.

4. Wear your customers shoes

There is only one thing that matters in marketing: the customer. If you forget to put yourself in their shoes and think what they think, you will not be doing any meaningful work.

The greatest secret of marketing is to understand the language of the customers and selling will be ten times easier.

If you know your customers and develop marketing messages that appropriately identify with them, you will win their attention, and attention is the currency of all effective marketing.