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The truth about email marketing

Email is a prime example of a channel that is being significantly underutilised by marketers as a brand marketing tool. With an estimated 1,670,000 emails being sent in any one second, email - and in particular email signatures - should be seen as a new channel for communicating brand marketing messages. 

Corporate email is business relevant and therefore presents a message in a good context to the people you want to see it most. It’s high volume, continuous, valued, personal and targeted. It often contains critical business information, which ensures it will be opened and read, unlike direct mail campaigns. The recipient often trusts the sender. There is either an existing relationship or they are in the process of building one.

In that context and expanding their definition to include brand elements and promotional banners, email signatures present a compelling marketing opportunity – whether that is a cross-sell opportunity to promote social media content, an upcoming marketing event, a sale offer or strengthen overall brand value.

Furthermore, you can’t get more personalised than a direct corporate email – the sender, recipient and context are all understood. Compare this to a generic direct mail, which some recipients will not even look at. Personalisation doesn’t just mean using the recipient’s first name – consider and include business relevant content; social media links, event information and contact details which will be of interest to the recipient. Undoubtedly, marketers who do not harness the power of corporate email and email signatures are missing out on a simple yet successful way to engage with contacts.