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Tumblr: the new Twitter?

I’m keen to avoid making overly prophetic assertions in this post and adding to the constant stream of ‘X is the new Y’ chat. But…
Have you used Tumblr for B2B yet? Some people think it is set to become the next big thing, and I can see why.

Established back in 2007, Tumblr isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination but it is slowly gaining more traction, with businesses and consumers. In fact, this month it actually surpassed Wordpress for the total number of blogs hosted on its servers.

Think of it as being middle ground between Twitter and your company’s official blog but with a more intuitive user-experience, a more interesting look and a more creative focus. All of which mean it is very easy to express much more of your brand’s image on the one screen without hoping your followers decide to follow the shrtnd.url.xtnsn that could be sending them anywhere.

You can also set it up so that anything you post on Tumblr appears on Twitter too, so you don’t necessarily have to think of it as being simply A.N.Other place to login and lose time.

Obviously Twitter has become an essential element of B2B marketing across lots of different verticals, and it is likely to continue to dominate for a while. And there’s the obvious fact that there’s no point in addressing a space not populated by your target market.

But where consumers lead, B2B often reluctantly follows, so it might be worth securing your company’s preferred Tumblr URL before someone else does (though I imagine you already have).


Has anyone used Tumblr for B2B?

Is it on the radar?

Or are there any other new social sites that you’ve got your eye on?-