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Twitter tips for beginners

Twitter is not just a network for the public. Twitter is a platform that allows businesses and non-profit organisations to reach out, deliver efficient customer service in real-time, and build a human connection online, which shapes a community.

When you’ve created your business account, the next step is choosing an avatar and a quality background image that represents your company. Ensure you include a full and informative twitter biography. Do not be tempted to include adverts, promises to “follow back” or random characters that will just confuse your audience… They really don’t get you noticed!

If you have an account and you tweet every day, it doesn’t mean you will get followers or get people engaging with you. Presence doesn’t equal engagement. Interactive activity increases your social reach and is key to winning more followers.

Tips for beginners

  • Utilise your staff, family and friends. It may sound simple, but ask people you know to follow you and share your updates. If staff members don’t have an account, encourage them to set one up and ask them to include your Twitter handle within their biography too, for example @DMCSoftware. This creates a link back to your account that could lead to more followers.
  • Follow to be followed. It’s called a social network for a reason. Follow and engage with those that have similar interests by using the search bar or the advanced search form. Look for people within the same industry and check out their followers too.
  • Connect and learn from competitors. Don’t be afraid of saying hello to competitors. They may have interesting content or insights you wish to share with your followers. It could also increase your engagement levels and followers!
  • Talk about what you know. Share content you are genuinely interested in. Do not engage in a subject you don’t know about. If you say something wrong, it could prevent people from connecting with you. Don’t alienate your target audience.
  • Twitter Features. Easily extend your reach by connecting to those suggested to you by Twitter. Popular trends are tailored for you, so use the hashtag# symbol to get involved. Twitter feeds can easily get over crowded, so create lists for those you wish to build a relationship with.

Analyse and extend your activity
Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll want to gain even more followers and become an influencer. To do this you must analyse your followers. One solution is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This software allows businesses to manage their offline relationships, while socially listening to their online community, recently explained by

“With Microsoft Social Listening, sales, marketing and service professionals tap into social conversations to get real-time feedback on their brand, products, competitors, campaigns and issues that might be relevant to their business.” 

Once you begin to gain followers, it will begin to spiral. Ensure you keep these followers entertained and engaged.

This article was written by Anna Morrish, a Marketing Executive at She has an extensive knowledge of inbound marketing, having previously worked for a content marketing agency and has written for a variety of online and print magazines.