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Ultimate tips and advice for your social channels

It’s nothing new that social media is ruling the marketing industry. More...

It’s nothing new that social media is ruling the marketing industry. More and more people are understanding the importance of social media in developing their online business. You already know that all your potential clients and customers already use Social Media daily. If you want to reach such potential customers, you need to be where they are. Along with that remember that if you still don’t fully utilize the full power of social media for your business growth, your competitors are already using.

Well, talks apart, I have bought something really important for you. Before you start rocking on various social channels, first check out 11 best advices collected from known social media marketing experts.

  • Know your audience. Be useful to them. Listen to them. Invest in them. That always works in the long run. - Jason Falls

  • Nobody cares about your products and services except you. - David Meerman Scott

  • Serve your audience, not yourself - Ann Handley

  • Be yourself and make friends. Social media rewards you when you build relationships - Barry Feldman

  • Think of what catches YOUR attention on Facebook and Twitter. Then adjust your SMM strategy accordingly - Tim Soulo

  • For SM, look not to the sale but to the people. Share, interact & provide value. And the sales will come. - Michael Stelzner

  • Look to build relationships through ‘making it about them’ – help to lift everyone up and in the process you will raise your own profile as someone who serves the wider community. – Martin Shervington

  • Start with a strategy and be sure to tie your SMM goals to business outcomes. ROI depends on it! – Brooke Ballard

  • Only tell your audience what they need to know now. Then surprise & delight them. - Susan Harrow

  • Know your audience. Deliver them relevant, helpful info. Remember: it’s ALWAYS about THEM, not you. - Lindsay Tjepkema

  • Every potential customer is on social media, the key is to be human, generous and connect with them.- Adam Franklin

I am sure that you loved these short yet valuable social media advice. It will help you to grow your online presence and soon you will see sales number rising. Well, there’s something more for you. C’mon let’s explore:

Few Tips To Be Successful On Facebook

  • Don’t Fake – Be You

  • Connect Your Potential/Target Customers

  • Share Motivational Posts, Humorous Posts, Memes, News – Everything That Your Audience Like

  • Post Your Office Pictures

  • Use Hashtags

  • Share Posts With “High Share” Topics

  • Run Contests, Conduct A Poll.

  • Share A Featured Video On Facebook

  • Share Your Post In Premium Groups

  • Tag Your Friends

Few Tips To Be Successful On Twitter

  • Stop Tweeting Headlines

  • Follow Influencer Twitter Lists

  • Use Images to Enhance Retweets

  • Communicate More With Your Potential Customers

  • Use Direct Message

  • Retweet Useful Tweets – Don’t Make Your Tweet Timeline Just YOURS

  • Tweet Regularly

  • Mention Your Customers/Colleagues

  • Optimize your Twitter Bio

  • Ask For Love – Ask People To Retweet, Favorite, or to Mention

  • Follow Trends And Hashtags

Few Tips To Be Successful On LinkedIn

  • Create Your Own Group

  • Endorse Your Connections To LinkedIn’s Top Skills

  • Connect With Users Using Message

  • Join Industry Related Discussion Groups

  • Optimize Your Profile

Hope with these tips you can reach your potential customers and achieve that “SUCCESSFUL” goal of your firm.