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Unconventional Ways To Set-Up Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Have you ever thought of using your social media status to boost your business? If no, then trust me, this is the time to think about it.

Today, most of the businesses have a social media presence and with the increasing popularity of these sites, the number of companies using them to make money is increasing. Studies suggest that, the companies, which are making use of social media, are getting good returns in the form of profit. It even says that, more than 50% of small businesses can grow rapidly if they get a proper social media help.

So, what about the businesses which are not linked with any social media sites? It’s very simple, they are not able to target their customers properly. A little help and they will be able to taste success by using social media marketing.

So let’s see how:

Set your goals priorly

Before you plan out any social media marketing, be sure about your actions. Try to keep some realistic goals, rather than some impractical ones. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Create your brand
  • Attract customers
  • Increase sales by interaction with prospects
  • Encourage purchase through customer engagement


Know your target audience

Stop beating around the bush and find out who is your potential clients. The reason is very simple, no target audience, no money. So follow the steps to know your potential customers:

  • Understand market and its demand 
  • Find where on social media your potential customers are and target them.
  • Keep an eye on the social media activities of prospects.

Promote your service

How can your customers buy from you, if they don’t know what you are selling? So just start promoting your brand. Now, the only way to climb up the search engine results is to be there. Right? So, select the apt words that explain your service and make content on them based.

Oh, please don’t forget the three letters ‘SEO’ while making the content. 

These steps will help you to get done with the content thing:

  • Focus your business and create content to attract customers.
  • Get your ideas on the paper first before your write. 
  • Develop a content frame first, to avoid later confusions. 
  • Make use of images, videos and graphics in your content.


Make your space on social media sites

For people to know you, you need to be on social media. Many a times it becomes difficult when two brands have the same name.So, better try to establish and secure your brand with some unique name.

Increase social media involvement

So, once you are on social media sites, the next thing that you need is to bring the audience there. Well, it is not necessary to spend your whole day on these sites, but make sure you get the best from how much you do.

Plan out your time

To make any social media campaigning successful, it is necessary to give proper time to every site. So plan and decide how much time you are going to spend on a particular site. Now get this done by the following strategies:

Keep a social media handler to look after everything for you.

Make strategies so as to promote your brand and thereby achieve your goals.

Evaluate your social media status

Following some marketing tips is not enough as we never know whether it has yielded any result or not. So, it is necessary to keep a track of your business’s progress from time to time. For this you can do these things:

  • Increase customer engagement by adding ‘call to action’ methods.
  • Keep a track of activities of visitors and customers on the sites.\



Every small business can get the best out of social media marketing and take their business to the next level. Just make sure that whatever time you spend on these sites, it helps you to interact with customers, increase your brand name and finally increase your sales.