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Unique Marketing Methods That Have Made Some Businesses Better Than The Rest

Internet is the marketplace where businesses are in a tough race against each other. The competition among businesses is just as tough on the real ground as well. The only way for businesses to stay in business is to keep coming up with marketing strategies that can keep their audiences engaged. This is not an easy task rather one of the most difficult things to do. Making people interested in something that you have created is quite difficult. The problems have worsened since people have started to use internet. Now they know almost everything before you even do it.

However, some businesses have shown their true creativity by marketing their products and services in a way that couldn’t have been thought by many. Their marketing methods are unique and definitely out of the box. They had to get off the rails of conventions and do something completely new to gain attention from their target market. The result was success for most of them. First, they had to be daring enough to try something and then consistent with their approach to make an impression. Following are some of the most unique ways tried by companies for marketing their products.

Introducing The Human Factor

Companies that make products that are boring for most of the people but only interesting for a small audience have used “human” factor as their new marketing approach. Rather than pitching in the clichéd sales pitch they have completely deviated from selling at all. They are not selling their products nor talking about it. They are engaging with people the way people like to be engaged. The only purpose for them with this strategy is to make their brand known to the world and they are successfully doing so. MOZ is a great example of this. This company that offers software as a service has gone on to upload pictures of their customers, employees and dogs on social networking websites and that’s it. It is working for them since people feel a connection with the brand even if they are not interested in the product.

Playing With Curiosity

Sometimes your products are useful and do something that people love, but the product themselves are boring. Take stoves for example. All your food is prepared on stoves or ovens but how many people would like to read about stoves. Even if they show sympathy and read about your product once they will not feel like doing it again. That’s when you do something that makes people curious about your product. You have to intrigue people and give air to people’s curiosity. A good example of this was done by a company that makes blenders. This blending company started uploading videos to show the power of its blenders in a unique way. They would blend everything you could never think of blending. So far they have blended iPhones, tablets, cassettes, CDs with Justin Bieber’s face etc.

Connecting With People Emotionally

There is no better way to make your brand an ever-living brand than connecting with people emotionally. However, companies have to come up with unique ideas to do that and some have done that successfully. The important thing in this type of marketing is to keep the brand identity alive as well. You can’t just make people feel emotional by looking at your product. It is more about making people feel good while remaining in connection with the brand. Coca Cola has done that successfully recently by introducing the sharing can. This particular can introduced by Coca Cola can be divided into two cans of equal size. One can is more like screwed into the other can and by holding and unscrewing you can separate them.

Creating Need In Style

Some businesses in the world stick to their clichéd statements and pitches. People like to avoid them because they don’t always have the best air around them. A good example is insurance companies. People either love their insurance companies or hate insurance policies altogether. Selling insurance to people is not easy since it requires them to be bound to something for years, decades and lifetimes. Of course, when there are heads thinking of new ideas they will come up with one after spending some time. AllState is an insurance company that introduced this amazing idea of creating the need in people to buy insurance in a unique way. They created a fictional character and named it mayhem. They then created several commercials that are interesting, unique and humorous. In those commercials their character mayhem would often be introduced in such a way that the audience would be made to believe that they should have AllState insurance in order to fight the mayhem.

Grabbing Attention With Technology (Drones)

You hear about drones and all you can think of is bombs and combats. That’s not true. The reality is that drone is not a weapon at all. In fact, drones are not considered among missiles and torpedoes because both of them are weapons but drone are not. Drone is a general term for people to refer to UAVs. UAV is the short of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. You might not have discovered yet but there is a lot of work being done on drones to make them as useful as possible. The modern Drone, also referred as Quadcopter, is now capable of carrying items with it, fly with solar power and act like birds. The good thing for businesses here is that drones are now being used for marketing purposes as well. Camisaria Colombo is a store in Brazil that sells garments. They recently marketed several of their products to executives with the help of drones. This was a sight that no one present at the scene wanted to miss and so everyone recorded with cameras; the flying drones carrying dummies with garments on them and a price tag.

So, from the use of social media to latest quadcopter technology, businesses are trying everything they can to get the attention of their target market. If you are thinking of starting a business make sure you have spent enough time on a unique marketing strategy that would make you different from the rest.