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Unusual Tips for Guaranteed Internet Marketing Success

Internet marketing is a great leveler. You do not need to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a good campaign and yet the returns may far exceed your expectations, if you are smart about it.

Now try doing that with the traditional ways of marketing.

While many companies have woken up to the power of the online medium and are making huge profits with smart Internet strategies, there’s an equally big number, or rather a much bigger number, of businesses that still seem oblivious to the potential of online marketing or reluctant to embrace it fully.

They do so at their own peril.

If you are an Internet-savvy business, here are a few unusual ways to give a further boost to your online marketing efforts.

Harness the YouTube power

YouTube is an extremely popular medium among young people worldwide, with that popularity only set to increase and spread to other age groups as well.

Create a YouTube channel for your business and go mental with it. We mean, very creative with it. So you sell striped boots? It wouldn’t hurt to put on your YouTube channel a short video of zebras scampering about in the Serengeti plains.

Or a long list of celebrity fashion faux pas that had stripes in them. Courtesy of YouTube itself, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them.

People love to watch videos of celebrities. People love to see other people goofing up. People love to see celebrities goofing up the most.

It’s an irresistible combination guaranteed to get you plenty of hits.  

Create a strange pop video for your ad jingle

Creating your own videos is not a bad idea at all, nor does it require much talent. It only requires you to think outside the box. Hire a professional agency that who can create videos with tremendous potential to go viral.

Just lay off the straightforward and do something unusual. Something stupid, even. In fact, the stupider the better, because even if you rub them the wrong way they will still talk about you, right? I personally find PSY’s Gangnam Style an abomination of mammoth proportions, but hey, if something like that can get you a billion and a half hits then who am I to complain!

Become an expert in your niche

Somebody rather cynically remarked that an expert is simply someone who knows a little bit more than you do. That was more a reflection on the loose standards of our times than on the integrity or knowledge of the (so-called) experts.

We are not asking you to pull a fast one on your clients though. We are simply asking you to become an expert, a go-to person of sorts, for those in your line of work, and make it known very clearly.

Again, blogging and YouTube videos are excellent ways of accomplishing this.

Get your customers to blog for you

Invite some of your regular clients or customers to blog for you. Give them a platform, or a spotlight (something everybody craves). As they share in detail their experiences with you, they will create a positive impact on the visitors to your web pages. That in turn will encourage the visitors to either visit your brick and mortar business or convert their online visit into a monetary transaction.

This is a lot better than simply buying or inventing reviews as many companies thirsty for online success resort to.

Hire an Internet marketing agency

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, you might want to hire somebody who designs Internet marketing campaigns for a living. If you live in NW England, look up the best agency to do Internet marketing in Cheshire. They should know how to turn your fortunes around. You would still, however, need to be cautious about whom you have hired as it is all too easy to overpromise and under-deliver in this aspect.

Work with the agency of your choice to create a concrete list of goals and delineate the steps to get to them. Insist on tangible goals. A boast such as “We will have each and every child talking about your product soon!” should not impress you. “We can bring about a 50% rise in inbound traffic by the end of the second month,” sounds like something a reasonable and competent professional would say.