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Usefulness of Banners in the Field of B2B Marketing

Banners have revolutionised the world of internet advertising and marketing. The very first internet marketing banner appeared almost two decades ago on, which was an advertisement from AT&T. Since this very first internet banner ad, these banners for B2B marketing have become the most important means of business marketing and promotions on any virtual platform.

Simply, to put a banner ad for B2B is nothing but graphical form of promotion and marketing, usually used on various websites, to advertise a certain brand or any particular product. These Banners can be of different sizes, but the minimum size must be 468 x 60 pixels in width and height respectively. As this size is accepted on any website, companies can save a lot of money on making multiple banners, and use the same banner on multiple websites. You can use banner ads to tell people about all your contact details, but the basic principle behind creating these banner ads is to attract people towards your product or message, and make them click the banner so that they can be redirected to your company’s website.

The effectiveness of these banner ads for B2B marketing has been a topic of debate for many years now. Some people say they are extremely effective; others are of the opinion that they are nothing but a waste of both time and money. Even with the ever lowering click through rates, banner ad prices have gone down as well at regular intervals. The average rates for click through are somewhat around 0.5% for all banner ads. But if the hired designer is smart enough, then any company can enjoy a healthy return on their investment. This can be done with the combination of above average response rates for the banner rates along with the below average rates of the click through. These points can be discussed with any expert banner ad designer.

Besides the online platform, physical Banners are also quite useful for B2B marketing. You can see a variety of banners all over your locality or your city. For example, various stores and restaurants use banner ads to promote their brand name and various promotional offers even before the business compound is set up. Nowadays, people can place orders for custom vinyl banners on online websites, and can have them delivered in about 4 or 5 days. These banners are perfect for being used as advertisement banners. Any banner comes with the company’s logo, company’s name, contact details, etc., and if it’s a new company or store, then the opening date will also be written on the banner.

Banners have become a useful medium to reach out to the common mass. Any and every kind of business gets its share of benefit from the banner which encapsulates your company’s motto and objective to the people. Be it B2B marketing or any other marketing strategies, banners hold their own strong position to make your business a grand success in the long run.