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Using Humor to Increase Sales in B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing is all about building relationships with your clients. Whether you are marketing your product to hospitals, government agencies, or charities, the one indisputable fact is that they are going to remember you and look forward to talking to you if you always make them smile.

The First Step: Get to Know Your Client

To be the most memorable, the humor you use needs to be personal to the client. As you get to know them, ask them questions about family, friends, pets, and hobbies. If you have problems remembering the details for a large customer base, then as soon as you leave the meeting, make notes about their preferences. You can check your notes each time you prepare for a meeting with them. Remember, this client probably has meeting after meeting each week. They are most likely tired, stressed, and overworked. If you can bring a little sunshine into their day, they will do everything they can to work with you as much as possible.

The Second Step: Collect Humor

Happiness is a habit. You can choose to be happy, and choose to see the humor in situations. Learn to laugh at yourself. It is absolutely possible to be efficient, professional, and happy all at the same time. You just need to learn how to do it. Keep reminding yourself that this is a tactic that can cement your client relationships and increase sales. Here are a few things you can do to collect humor:

1. Start watching social media for funny or endearing pictures or sayings.

2. Make a habit of reading the "strange but true" news stories offered on the net.

3. Read a joke book or two.

Check out this website: Homes Alive Pet Centre. This site is a perfect example of using humor to lure customers. Customers undoubtedly return to this blog repeatedly to see what new funny thing has been posted.


The Third Step: Understanding Why You Would Choose Humor


Are you in a B2B marketing position that depends on client referrals for success? Do you ever take your uplines to meet your clients? Do you ever have new products you'd like clients to try?

These are all valid reasons to choose humor. Clients are going to be eager to refer the contact who makes them smile. They are probably going to give more positive reports to your uplines. It will be easier to work through any problems with the client who looks forward to seeing you. And, they may be more willing to push for trying new products from you if they have a positive view of you.

Making humor a part of every day has the potential to increase your sales exponentially. You don't need to go overboard. Don't try too hard. Simply make a habit of noticing the humor in your day and talk to your clients about it.