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Using Infographics in Your B2B Campaign

Every single specialist in the deployment of infographics will tell you that using them in B2B can be extremely effective so you should not worry about whether or not this is the case. Many of the Fortune 500 companies often promote and present such images. Such a marketing strategy is particularly useful for the innovative start-ups since people expect them to use different promotional methods in order to reach B2B clients. Since you promote services that would be used by a company, you have to take into account the fact that they already know all the usual promotion strategies that are nowadays used in marketing. B2B marketing trends keep changing and you need to be one step ahead.

The most important part in using the infographics is not to submit them wherever you can. The trick is to make them really useful. You do this by following these tips:

  • Survey sales force in order to find ideas that reps see as being perfect for the customer you have. You basically want to find out what is really important for them so that you can create visual explanations of something that is of high importance for your B2B customers.
  • Survey your customer service staff. Think about what the customers see as a difficulty or what they do not actually understand like installation instructions, return policies or troubleshooting protocols. The creative marketer can find a good subject for the infographic but that is not possible without research and surveying.
  • Always review content that was used in the past and see what can be transformed into infographics. This includes videos, slide presentations and even text articles. There is a really huge possibility that you will find that there are already many subjects you covered and that you can use in your infographics.

What is vital is that the topics used do not focus on services or products that you promote. You need to think about those topics that are of importance for the people you want to reach. As an example, think about the industry issues that are important for the customer base you have. Then, think about the insights that you can offer like job interviewing techniques, sales skills or general interest topics.

Creative Infographic Considerations

In order to create a really good infographic, you need to have a team that collaborates properly and that includes marketing strategies, researchers, experts, writers and designers. Obviously, creating the perfect infographic is not a process that is cheap or easy.

We highly recommend that you work with a professional that has a proven track record of delivering high quality infographics. Do not assume that you can use them in-house in the event that you do not have a lot of experience in doing this. Professionals are always going to be the best choice. Remember that your target is a group of people that cannot be easily influenced.

Creating Your Marketing Plan

In most situations the campaign will have to include the creation of many infographics. You cannot simply create one and expect to succeed. At the same time, it has to be understood that you have to evaluate infographics in order to see how they work. A common approach is to use one infographic per quarter or per month. This allows the development team to evolve and offer the best possible results for your campaigns.