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Using memes to promote B2B marketing

If you’re looking for an exciting way to engage with your existing and prospective business clients using various social platforms and networks, using a meme which ties back to a particular offer/promotion could be just the thing to do it. Those who have tried have reported a surprising increase in engagement and lead generation.

Memes tie into B2B social media marketing because they’re perfect for the kind of informal communication that is characteristic of such platforms – they are clever, funny, entertaining and can also evoke nostalgic feelings, all of which help to build a memorable connection with your audience.

Having fun is certainly the most important part of creating memes – an art called meme-jacking – but it’s important to always tie the meme back to the brand, products or services that you’re offering.

As with most things when it comes to internet marketing, you’ll have to create quid pro quo between two things. One option is brand-specific memes which will help you connect better with your target audience, but which many not have the virality potential that the more generalized meme topics do. Or you can go with the latter which have greater potential for virality hence can reach much further than would be afforded by the former option.

Immediate benefits of Meme Marketing

  1. 1.      Benefit from a wider reach for your product, service or brand messaging. This can possibly extend beyond the initial reach of your fan page depending on which memes you use and how you apply them
  2. 2.      Adding memes to your content (articles, blogs etc.), promotions and offers can help to increase the virality potential and increase the effectiveness of any single campaign.
  3. 3.      Ability to break through Facebook’s Edgerank, which automatically sets you up for a much more extensive organic reach next time you need to send an update of any kind
  4. 4.      New likes, followers and fans, as well as greater traffic to your official site, as a result of the virality and increased reach.
  5. 5.      Memes give the business an element of human-ness. They add grit and character, enabling the audience to attach human faces behind the corporate image, which increases their connection and your likability.

Attaching memes to paid promotions

The thing about meme-jacking is that it has to be done at the right time for maximum effect. Sure, there are memes that are considered timeless classics – Rage Comics, Success Kids, Good Guy Greg etc. – which you can use at any time. But for the passing fads, you must be sure to strike while the iron is still hot – before they hit explosion and begin to decline.

If you have no brand-specific memes, why not consider making your own? A good way to increase its reach potential is attaching it to a paid promotion on Facebook for instance. To begin, click here to create a meme – the key is clever messaging which has been attached to a funny visual, something the audience connects with in a snap.

Timing is also important: study your analytics data to find out when you’re likely to enjoy maximum engagement with the audience and milk those moments dry.