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Using video in your content marketing mix

More than 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium online.Leave video out of your digital strategy and you do so at your peril. More easy than ever to produce, deliver and measure, video's ability to increase brand engagement and enhance customer loyalty means it's a comms medium that should be fighting your corner.

When you're developing your digital plans, you should be looking at ways to integrate video into your email marketing, content marketing, social, SEO, and demand-generation programmes.

As stated recently in The Guardian, 'Video promises to be the great unifier', with its 'ability to be distributed in a targeted way across most major digital and social media channels, delivering believable return on investments in the process'.

Video in 2015 already differs significantly from content being produced only a couple of years ago. Gone are the traditional corporate videos, to be replaced by fresh, creative, more relevant and inspiring content which adds value to audiences across platforms.

With proportions of TV Advertising budgets now being diverted online, video is becoming even more prevalent. Facebook claims to serve 3 billion video views per day and on Youtube, over one billion unique users visit the site globally each month. Daily watch time there is up 50% year-on-year. But brands shouldn't be limiting themselves to these outlets alone - think vimeo, 6 second vine videos, Instagram and paid for video platforms such as Wistia, that delivers clips to websites and mobile devices.

So what should you consider when creating a digital video strategy?

  • * Can the same creative can work across channels and for your target audience? Think of different versions or cut downs of your video which can give you added mileage, and add value for different audiences .
  • * Develop tracking, so you know where people will see your video and how much weight each of those 'views' hold. For example, is someone seeing 5 seconds of a pre-roll video on youtube as valuable as someone watching the full 40 seconds of the video on your website?
  • * Deliver simple, strong and clear calls to action so your videos drive the action you require
  • * Optimise all videos for mobile, cross device viewing
  • * Identify who your brand ambassadors are online and actively engage with them so they promote and share your video content. You want paid for media to turn into earned media.
  • *Use analytics to gain a deeper understanding of who is watching your videos and how video is contributing to your marketing and sales goals. Use video metrics to score, segment and qualify your audiences, so you build a picture of which videos work best for you and deliver results.

If you can quantify the value of video within your digital marketing mix, you'll be able to leverage the great opportunities it affords.

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