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Using the voice of your customer to change your culture

If you want to make a shift change in driving improvements in your customer satisfaction scores then your CEM program must target the “right” actions that will impact the behaviour of the business.

Whilst aligning bonuses with customer satisfaction scores can quickly escalate customer focus it should not be relied on as the sole means for driving change.

For 2013, CEM teams should embrace the options which will ensure the VOC resonates with employees.

Simple yet powerful methods such as listening to “live” call recordings communicating the emotion and impact on customers should be used as a training tool to communicate the impact of employee’s actions.

Ensuring the board is dedicated to the customer program is fundamental, in 2012 too many CEM programs failed to realise their potential as there was no clear owner of the customer.

With 27% of PLCs now reporting customer satisfaction to the markets it is imperative the board is in touch with the process.

Integrating the VOC into the cadence of senior management can be particularly effective for establishing the customer focus. Inviting customers directly into your board room communicates a clear message to employees and customers alike.

Escalating their issues and the company’s commitment to resolve their issues and improve processes.

A word of warning, this should not be done lightly - failure to act or allowing the program to drop will communicate an equally powerful yet negative message to employees and customers alike.

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