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The Value of 1:1 Marketing: Putting Customer Interests Ahead of Big Data

A business should thrive in solidifying not only its reputation, but also the relationship it shares with present and future clientele. After all, success in marketing and sales is dependent on creating quality connections through effective lead generation and appointment setting.

However, some B2B companies do not know exactly how to achieve that, owing to the fact they manage large quantities of data. With big data come bigger responsibilities and also higher risks. Companies struggle with tracking and nurturing a great wealth of prospect data that comes their way. At this point, targeting the wrong personalities and therefore feeding the pipeline with sales leads that won’t even conclude in a close seem unavoidable. Poor lead management can be a factor here, but in most cases, better marketing and sales performance is usually an issue of maintaining quality relationships.

Going back, customer relationships should be prioritized not as an end but as a means. This is clearly illustrated by the 1:1 model of direct marketing. The model(or method, whichever B2B marketers put it) emphasizes immediate and intimate relations with clientele, using technologies like marketing automation software. But above all, it encourages marketers to add customer-relevant value to their CRM strategies to develop interactions that will end in a purchase.

Using the 1:1 model definitely serves as an integral component to your marketing arm as it puts client interests ahead of everything else – regardless of how many interactions you should have to manage. Personalization is one way to put it, and effective creation and delivery of customized content works wonders. A case study by Marketing Sherpa says that emails containing the names of their recipients in the subject lines and in the content of the email have a higher click through rate (up to 17.36% higher than emails that aren’t audience-specific). Regarding web content, a Gartner study indicates the importance of personalized information, saying that at least 46% of B2B buyers “consider tailored offers as extremely significant activities in terms of maintaining or growing the relationship with the business provider.”

There is one thing to consider though: interactions that follow the 1:1 model take a longer period of time to work their magic. Quality communications and putting the customer’s interests first are what matter in developing nascent B2B partnerships, and this takes a great deal of effort and time. If you want immediate results for your B2B lead generation program without the need to sacrifice efficiency, consideroutsourcing your activities to a multi-channel B2B marketing company.

Originally appeared in B2B Appointment Setting Company