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The value of B2B marketing events – how do you justify a day out of the office?

Sometimes in marketing, it’s hard to find the time to take a step back and breath.  There are new channels, technologies and products emerging every day…it’s exhilarating yet exhausting.

Having marketing knowledge at your fingertips on online resources such as and through social networking sites is incredibly helpful for busy b2b marketers who can access information and advice in seconds, connect with others and share ideas, just like we are here.

So how do you justify a day out of the office for a marketing event when it’s supposedly all there at your fingertips? And when I say justify, I don’t mean only to your boss but to yourself? I say this because I am currently sat in the office writing this blog when I could be at a very useful event we are running on social media.  No-one stopped me going but myself, because I couldn’t justify the time.  So what am I missing?

Face-to-face time with your peers - It’s easy to get caught up in a bubble of frustration and feel like you’re the only one juggling responsibilities, budgets and ideas that you don’t have time to follow through.  You’re not alone; events are great ways to meet others with similar issues who can share experience and advice.

Step back and breathe - Attending an event can give you the chance to re-evaluate your marketing and think with a clear head.  There’s nothing like being inspired by a speaker who grabs your attention and leaves your notepad overflowing with ideas to take back to the office.

No-one’s an expert – Don’t get blasé about how much you think you know about a topic.  I recently attended a workshop where I was asked where I would place myself on a scale of novice to expert.  Let’s just say I didn’t know quite as much as I thought I did. 

You never know who you might meet – It could be your next customer, a future employee or a new supplier.  Quite what I’ve missed out on today I’ll never know but I’ll be sure to justify it next month for our Social Media: Taking it to the next level seminar.