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Video marketing: Analyse this

So, one month in and I’m starting to feel a bit more settled in the B2B Marketing office – it’s amazing what a coaster and a teapot can do to make you feel at home!

I’ve been busy beavering away on our latest best practice guide on video marketing. It was really interesting to read about video growing as a business communication platform and the increasing role it has to play in the marketing arena.

What really engrossed me, though, was the analytics side of things. Learning about your audience and their behaviour to develop and meet your marketing objectives, is vital. User data will tell you more about the demographic of your audience, what they’re interested in and how they are interacting with your video. Analysing this data will enable you to build a clear picture of the impact your video is having. It will help you to improve video performance and audience engagement.

There are, of course, many other aspects involved in getting video right – and this is where our video marketing best practice guide comes in. The report will help you: Understand it as a marketing tool; develop an effective strategy; build video into your website and use it to target business buyers. In addition, the delivery of video is also covered.

Interestingly, Adobe has recently launched a tool called AudienceResearch. It sounds like a really useful piece of software that will help marketers to gauge their digital data. The programme is supposed to ‘more accurately’ measure audience size and levels of engagement on websites. Another new, nifty audience insight tool, ‘Know Your Audience’ from Schmap allows Twitter users to analyse their followers. It identifies details such as gender, location, profession, interests and likes. What’s more, the service is free.

What audience analysis tools are you using? Which ones do you find most useful?