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A common phrase that most people will recognize is “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This of course was usually associated with the idea that a picture describes something in much more detail than anything written could typically do at a glance. Now I do have a question for you. If a picture is worth a thousand words…How much is a video worth?

By Alex Rinaldi of Avention

What Is It…You Should Know By Now…

The idea of Video Marketing at this point should not be something new to you. If it is, well, you seriously need to take note of this blog. Let’s get back to what it’s worth, video marketing allows you to deeply visualize anything you might want to about your company. This has countless options for outlets in which you can apply this to. The first and most obvious is a way to describe what your company does and who you are.

Typically this is something hosted on your website to grab a visitor’s attention. Think about it. If you were propositioned with two options which would you choose? One, being read two to three wordy pages about what a company does. Or two, watch a two to three minute video that describes who they are and what they do in a nutshell. Again this is the most common type of video a company may produce for marketing purposes, but there are still plenty of websites you’ll visit that have no videos what so ever.  Typically those are the websites I soon veer off of, and most likely will seek out a competitor’s website that has some sort of video related content.

Common Use

People enjoy video content. It helps them connect the dots in terms of truly understanding key concepts of a company. Have a new product release? Great show it in action. It’s one thing to describe a great product; it’s another to SEE a great product. Video demos are huge now under a lot of company websites’ FAQ’s. Product not working or you can’t figure out how to perform a certain task? No problem, take a look at these 2-3 minute videos and see if they can help. Typically they can and when they do you have just experienced self-serve customer service.

Sure you didn’t speak to anyone in customer service at that company, but the same task was accomplished. A common problem was identified and with their video tutorials you were able to fix or understand exactly what was not working. This just saved you from dialing a bunch of directories, desperately trying to get to a human being and not an automated response. Only a few years ago would contacting customer service eat half of your work day. Today with video tutorials the same problem is solved in minutes flat (depending on the length of your tutorial).

How They Get You

When’s the last time you were able to watch a YouTube video without having to sit through at least the first 5-10 seconds of some sort of commercial. I do miss the days of old when if I wanted to watch “amazing basketball shots” videos on YouTube I could do so without being bothered by some sort of commercial, that’s what TV is for. But like everything times change and people are now making the switch from watching TV to watching video online for entertainment. With that change, the video marketing strategy needed to adapt as well.

However the video marketing strategy isn’t just there to be a bother online. There’s a science to it. Ever find it odd that you happened to be on a website, got bored of it, went to YouTube to watch something and wait…there’s a commercial for the very website you were just on. Coincidence, I think not! Certain ads will play when it recognizes where you have just been prior to watching this video. Creepy and big brotherish? Yes of course but at the same time you may learn more about that website, or be “re-interested” in visiting it again. Or you could just be annoyed and hit skip after five seconds.

Most marketers are praying on the latter, and usually their prayers are answered more so than not. I can’t tell you how many times I think I’m going to skip the stupid ad but then somehow, some way, it grabs me. I don’t hit skip I watch it in full and at the end I forget what I was even trying to watch in the first place. Now all of the sudden, all I want to do is learn more about the “glide ball technology” behind Gillette razors.

Overall video marketing is here to stay. If you’re not doing it, START. As we progress in this digital age the amount of video content is just going to keep increasing in size. The sooner you start, the better your chances are to not get forgotten in the mix.


About the Author

Alex Rinaldi has a BA in Video Production and serves as Avention's Media Coordinator. Alex is responsible for creating all types of visual content from simple visual graphics to fully fledged animated videos. He is also in charge of social media and internal/external projects. In his spare time he is an avid movie goer and a pioneer in video marketing.