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Is Video for Social Media Worth the Investment?

I recently wrote an article on whether it's worth the cost to produce a video for use in a social media marketing campaign, and it’s gotten a lot of attention lately. With the cost of video weighed against the popularity of video on social media, deciding whether or not to invest can be confusing.

In a nutshell, if you've worked to develop a following on Facebook and LinkedIn, then you know that you’ve got a built in audience that video can make a huge impact on. If you're trying to increase followers, a video can be just the thing you need to attract them.

On the web, there's no tool more engaging and powerful than video. Using video gives you the opportunity to use more of the viewer’s senses than with print or still images. And once a viewer is engaged, there's the potential for your video to be passed on to new and potential clients at an amazing speed. The majority of people using social media sites are very willing and ready to watch video. You’ll have the chance to stir their emotions, make your case, interest them, and call them to action. 

Consider that at an ever increasing rate viewers expect and even prefer to watch videos about the things they're interested in on video sites and social networks. Text or image posts are important, but using only those methods has become "old school". And with tablets and smartphones, it's essential to have a strong presence on the web. Video will help you do that.

So a well-produced video with relevant and engaging content can get you seen and can bring you new followers. Financially speaking, the investment you make in your videos can pay off exponentially. 

By the way, I also recommend another article answering the next question most people ask, which is whether or not they should produce their own amateur social media videos versus springing for a professionally produced video, titled How to Make Great Website Videos that Work.