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The Vine experiments


With all this talk about content marketing B2B Marketing decided conduct our very own content experiment with Twitter’s six-second video platform. We'll be creating a range of Vines to illustrate the findings from our new State of Content Marketing infographic throughout the week. This experiment aims to discover if the social network is a useful B2B platform. Plus, we share what we've learnt and offer some best practice tips along the way.

Day One: Don’t run out of time
B2B Marketing's content week got off to a flying start as we unveiled our infographic and benchmarking report along with an array of features, news and blogs. We’ve pretty much gone content crazy. For our first Vine we chose to illustrate one of the major findings from our recent report: 73 per cent of B2B marketers believe content marketing will become increasingly important over the next 12 months.

Looking back I think we probably tried to fit a little too many scenes into this Vine.

Remember: use your six seconds wisely. Don’t attempt to cram too many clips in one video; it will make it difficult to view. 


Day Two: Use hashtag targeting
This week we have been using #b2bContent. However, the ‘Explore’ tab on Vine's app allows you to search, see what’s popular now and view the trending hashtags. This will gives your video context and makes sure it gets shared with the right people.

I experimented with stop-motion in this Vine — it's much harder than it looks by the way — but I was happy with the end result. One problem I keep facing is reshooting Vines as the app does not have the option to go back and delete the last clip (unlike the new Instagram video.)


Day Three: Keep it simple
On day three we went back to basics, sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. Decide on a core message and plan how you will demonstrate it. 

Day Four: Have fun

It’s often difficult for B2B brands to be experimental and promote their outward persona. Vine gives you a rare opportunity to humanise your brand. This Vine urges marketers not to be robotic when communicating with customers via social media. Take advantage of the creative space Vine allows and remember to have fun!