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Visme – How Good Is It For Small Businesses?

You may or may not have heard of Visme, a web app that is creating a lot of buzz at the moment. Visme is a platform that allows you to create all kinds of graphics and presentations, as well as things like advertising banners, interface mock ups and product demos. Visme is essentially free to use (there are premium membership levels if you want all of the features and an unlimited number of projects, but these are very cost effective starting at just $6 per month), and has won over a big following because of its easy to use interface, great library of ready to use graphic assets, and the ease with which you can publish and share the things you create with it. 

Visme's user base ranges from casual bloggers and students through to big businesses, but how good is it in a small business environment? We have already established that it is great value, but what benefits can it bring you?

Great Visual Content – No Designers Required

If your business relies a lot on its web presence to engage with potential new clients, make sales, and promote itself, then that means you probably put a lot of effort into creating or commissioning content. By their very nature, small businesses tend not to have dedicated people for things like graphic design and content writing, and so often this is outsourced simply because the team you do have don't have the skills, or the time or inclination to learn them and do these things. Visme is designed to be so easy to use that any web savvy member of your team can put together great infographics or other visual assets for your website, and can make them very quickly with no time spent studying how to do it first.

A Refreshing Alternative to PowerPoint

If you need to make presentations, whether they are face to face sales pitches or product demos you put on the web, then Visme gives you a fast, easy way to do it that delivers stylish results. Most people consider PowerPoint, which is slow to work with and very fiddly, to be a necessary evil of the professional world, however with Visme this isn't the case – you can design, save,publish and share all your presentations using its pleasant, streamlined web interface instead.

Other Possibilities

Depending on your industry, you may find even more fantastic uses for Visme. App developers, for example, can use Visme to make interactive mock ups of the screens that will appear on their apps to demonstrate them to potential stake holders before true development has even started. Digital marketing companies can use it to create ads. For more ideas of what Visme can do, check out this YouTube demo!

With a low (or non existent if you only use the free version) price tag, and barely any time required to get to grips with using it, Visme really represents something you just can't lose with – with all of its applications and benefits,it is well worth including in your business' toolset.