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Visual content: the future of social media?

New, visual networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Vine are exploding - is this the future of social media?

The last few years have seen a dramatic rise in visual-based social media. We shouldn’t be surprised, though: 

60,000x faster

Our brains process visuals far quicker than text. 

Ergo, visual-based social media networks are booming… 

Five tweets per second
contain a Vine link

“You’ve Got Mayer!”
From Tumblr’s acquisition for $1.1 billion, to buying startup Vizify that specializes in creating interactive infographics based on users’ social media data, Yahoo! is hoovering up visual-based social platforms at a frightening rate. 

It’s Not About ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Though… 

Consider who your prospects actually are… 

… want visual marketing 
Think Vine.


… are open to longform content.
Think LinkedIn. 

Consider where they’re based too; for example… 

Germany & Romania 
… aren’t huge fans of Twitter. 


India & Philippines
… love Twitter. 

And It’s Not Just About the ‘Big Four’ Either... 

Have you heard of the social networks… 

QZone, Tencent Weibo or Sina Weibo?
If you have plans to market in Russia or China, you should have

Know your markets, know your territories, know your social media channels. 

It’s the only way you can get to the right customers in the right place at the right time. 

And to make sure your social media campaigns are hitting home, test, test and test again. 


  • Social media is going visual and bite-sized.
  • All social networks must now be considered.
  • Different territories prefer different networks.
  • Some countries have their own specific networks.
  • Test your messaging across different channels.

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