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Volvo Trucks: The best B2B video ever(?)

The new Volvo Trucks ad is – to my mind – the best B2B video ever produced.

After only four days on YouTube, the video generated 22,961,537 views. Popular opinion suggests I might not be alone.

The Swedish automotive manufacturer, once maligned as a safe and boring option, has managed to bring together the most unlikely of trinities (trucks, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Enya) to produce a B2B advert that has captured the imagination of lorry buyers and the general public at large.

Admittedly, Volvo has the advantage of being a brand people on the high street already know, but it proves that with a little thought and the right execution B2B advertising can easily earn its place right at the top of the virility lists.

Since I started writing this short blog about five minutes ago 18 new comments have been added to the YouTube page (making a total of almost 36,000 comments): there can’t be many B2B videos able to claim such widespread relevance. Well done, Volvo.

And to date, the video has now generated in excess of 86 million views.

More recently, Volvo Trucks has released a number of similarly styled stunt videos, including a high-octane paragliding video called 'The Flying Passenger', and a Guinness World Record-breaking video featuring the 'world's largest unboxing'.

I'd be interested to hear if you have any B2B videos you think can go toe-to-toe with Jean Claude and his massive trucks...