Ways to Maximize your Marketing Automation Experience Right Off the Bat

Recent experiences point out to marketing automation as the way to go for better B2B lead generation results.  But while you are setting up your budget for a 2015, it is still necessary to learn whether or not automated marketing should be considered.

For sure, having a computer program to manage complex activities for you seems like an idea pulled from retro science fictions novels. It prompts images of easier tasks and “push-button” labor in which everything is just a remote control away. It’s a paradise that makes for easier handling of complicated tasks, in this case B2B lead management.

Then again, such a system does not guarantee surefire results. There are risks attached to purchasing a marketing software solution. In terms of practicality, yes automation can help organize profile, track and research your leads. But these activities can barely circumvent the typical challenges marketers face, particularly the volatile nature of buyer preferences, never ending algorithmic updates of search engines, and unstable market trends.

Marketers then arrive at a Shakespearean dilemma: to automate or not to automate?

Apparently, in our fast-paced society, many business tragedies were a result of not being able to keep up. Companies on the other hand enjoy increases in their lead traffic and sales volumes. A Demand Gen Report states that leads nurtured using marketing automation present a 20% increase in sales opportunities. To drive the need to automate further, Nucleus Research finds out that marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity all the while reduces marketing overhead.

With such figures, the obvious answer to the aforementioned question would be toautomate.

But hold your horses. Achieving such juicy numbers is presupposed by numerous factors, one of which is execution. Your success depends on how well you choosea marketing automation company that will provide you with the right stuff for your B2B appointment setting and lead nurturing activities.

You can further maximize your marketing automation experience by incorporating effective brand strategies. Content plays a significant role here, so always prioritize what your target audience generally wants and saturate the web with your brand image. Also, complement effective delivery with landing pages and emails that are just as effective.

There are tons of ways marketers can leverage their marketing automation platforms to spike their revenue. But to truly succeed boils down to just one harmonizing fact: the need to work hard.


This content is originally appeared in Marketing Appointment Setting