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We love technology, but we love marketing more!

It looks like ‘re-targeting’ is all the rage at the moment – following people’s behaviour and providing them with relevant content... great! However, I’m over it and moving to the next big thing...
Facial recognition technologies! As you would expect, Microsoft is leading the charge with Project Natal ( aimed at providing the best gaming experience ever. So what’s the big fuss? Well, the idea is that camera’s built into our PC’s or Mac’s should be able to respond to the movements of the game player (like Wii) but also who the actual game player is – if your family all play a game what’s the point of pressing a button to choose your character when the tech can do it for you and apply your personal settings? No brainer.
Curiously this has been developed under the Xbox wing of Microsoft as a ‘game players’ development. But I’m thinking about the long term opportunities and how much the commercial dollars will be exploited by the Marketing Men (as well as MS ad sales!). As we move into a future of Internet Connected TV’s with built in video conferencing, what’s to say that advertisers can’t start to target specific ads based on our suspected gender, age or even mood. Why stop there? We could use the information to see how people respond to ads and optimise them based on this. Big Brother or just a better experience?
In B2B I can see us using the technology on websites in the same way but also delivering content on our own clients sites depending on who’s viewing it. What about a DM piece with a video player built in – again providing content based on who picks it up? What about someone like Cisco – perfectly placed with its video conferencing and WebEx technologies – if each individual can be recognised then the technology can again deliver meeting contents to the relevant person. I’m not sure where it stops! Poster sites, information screens, sat navs etc etc... 
So, while this amazing technology is developed, us ‘marketing guys’ are thinking about using it to better reach our audiences, offer better consumer experiences and provide our clients with more innovative marketing solutions. 
Oh, looks like my webcam just recognised I was a geek – it’s shut down my PC and told me to get a life!