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The Webby Awards 2012

The Webby Awards are the place to see who is doing the most ground breaking and effective stuff on the internet. This is judged by us, the plebiscite and some rather high falluting names from Culture, Media and the Arts.

There are 100 categories so plenty to take a look at and B2B doesn't do too badly with nominations across the board. However it is looking at emerging technologies and application of a number of different techniques where the good stuff happens for the B2B marketing audience.

We have no doubt that animation will play a part in making dry subjects more quirky and engaging and Social Change is a leadership challenge that we are sure brands can take on board for example.

We are pleased that Online TV and Video has its own category and within that Interactive video has its own section. There are superb examples from the likes of Asos with their click to buy films and Exit Australia and Jamesons with their dilemma films.

At we are putting our house on the fact that Interactive video will be how b2b companies will be able to communicate with their audience. It allows heightened engagement, data collection and an engaging expererience (done well of course).

Though these are US and Global based campaigns all can vote until 26th April, here you can find the nominees...

Happy exploring...