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This week’s top B2B Marketing downloads

As Chancellor George Osborne started the week by signing Britain up to the two per cent defence spending target, B2B marketers were busy building an army of their own: an army of customer advocates.

How to build an army of customer advocates with lifecycle marketing’, from Tomorrow People, was the most downloaded item this week by marketers keen to secure their realm. The paper demonstrates that brand advocacy and ‘super-fandom’ is not limited to B2C giants such as Apple and Nike, but can be utilised as the perfect tool to supplement costly B2B campaigns.

The theme of customer centricity ran true with the next most downloaded paper, ‘Getting through to your customers’. From accepting target to demanding participant, this collaborative research report from B2B Marketing and The Telemarketing Company sets out to understand how marketers are coping with the shift in communication with their audience.

Meanwhile database evangelists, Marketscan, lay out the ‘Five deadly sins of B2B data’. The whitepaper reflects on the confused, haphazard approach many businesses take to data and instructs them to change their ways.

From the pious to the prudent, Successflow’s latest piece, ‘Marketing automation – A tactical guide to success’, offers a strategic perspective on integrating automation. The paper argues that marketing automation leads to improved effectiveness and efficiency across a range of marketing activities; it offers savings in time and money, while enhancing connection with prospects and customers.

And finally, it was everyone’s favourite early-1800’s Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard, who said: ‘Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.’ Apteco are assisting marketers to do just that in their recent paper ‘Trend report 2014/2015 – Data driven marketing’. This accessible report uncovers trends in the adoption of marketing automation, growing data volumes and cloud hosting, and reveals how industry practitioners plan to confront data challenges in the coming year.

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