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We're living in a Multi-Channel World

The biggest driver for this change has been the transformation in buying behaviour; in the past marketing would make some general noise aimed at a buyer in the IT department; once this had caught their attention a sales person would engage with them, control the flow of information and drive the majority of the sales process.

Now the buyer is just as likely to be from a line of business rather than the IT department; they won’t engage with a sales person as early in the sales cycle and they definitely won’t depend on them for the flow of information as the web is full of product information and peer reviews.

So marketing techniques that used channels like email, direct mail and telemarketing in isolation no longer work. They have to work in conjunction with digital collateral to create multiple touch points the buyer will find valuable. Therefore Martrain has developed Multi-Channel Marketing programmes aimed at building ongoing value led relationships with technology buyers that lead to more sales.

Multi-Channel Marketing (MCM) is constantly evolving, however, and it means different things to different people. Over the next 7 weeks we will be answering some FAQs which we come across repeatedly whilst working within the Enterprise Technology sector.

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