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What can agencies expect from new business in 2013?

AdAge ran an article in which Rupal Parekh forcast new trends

  1. earning clients’ business bit by bit
  2. pitching for every little project
  3. balance revenue with potential for doing great creative
  4. searching for dollars outside of the marketing suite
  5. Developing IP or innovative platforms to give revenue shares
  6. New services: communications planning and analytics capabilities
  7. digital agencies participating more in general-market reviews

And the comments showed that many smaller agencies already do a lot of these things.  Bob Sanders commented

“ad agencies need to take a page from good design firms (manage projects, grow by better execution) while added their own special creative strategy – coming in with strong business building ideas.”

Blueprint for agency new business success

Creative Agency Secrets has doubled staff headcount over the past year.   That’s off the back of new client business coming into the agency. [New, new clients not just growing existing clients.]

Here’s how we did it

We do this through 3 tools

  1. Host free workshops to show off our expertise
  2. Questionnaire survey to discover needs
  3. Internal cost-structure that can deliver low-fee retainers


The questionnaire is particularly powerful.  One client brand did it and got 150 responses within which two new revenue streams were identified and 15 active new sales leads.

The model is still developing, we are really finding that it is robust and can deliver for a lot of different business types and industry scenarios.

Get in touch if you'd like to use this for your new lead generation in 2013. This article originally appeared on CreativeAgencySecrets Blog