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What does Brexit actually mean to B2B?

Simon Wright, MD at Greenwich Design, weighs up the potential consequences of Brexit for the world of B2B

As a small to medium sized B2B design and branding agency owner based in London, working mainly with global organisations, I’m very interested to find out how BREXIT will affect us and whether I should be panicking just yet. However I’ve found that rather unhelpfully there is a distinct lack of information and guidance for business owners on the subject.

I thought at first maybe it was just me but then I heard a discussion on Radio 4’s ‘The Today’ programme agreeing that, although BREXIT has been given a great deal of political airtime, the government hasn’t tried to explain the effect it will have on businesses or consumers.

For us, the issue is more around how a departure from the EU will affect our clients, a gut feel is that not much would change in the short term  - however if the majority of our clients were Europe based I think I would be slightly more worried.

From a personal point of view, it feels like BREXIT would be a brave and exciting decision. Maybe slightly empowering - the way the Scots felt with the Yes/No vote. A way to invigorate British industry – particularly in the world of design - and continue the success we have seen in recent years. But it could backfire.

With a date now set and June approaching scarily fast, It’s time for the debate to get real  - less about the political leader’s egos and more about providing the facts on the risks, potential hazards, advantages and disadvantages of both sides of the argument so that business owners can begin to make informed decisions around planning for the future.