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What Every Customer Service Staff Should Know

In a company, the customer service department is one of the most valuable assets that it can have. This is because the department plays a very important role in retaining customers and growing accounts through the development of trust with customers in their issues. Staff at the customer service area also contributes in developing products through assessing the needs of the customers and acquiring their opinions. But for a company to have efficient customer service, one should learn and teach effective customer service methods to their staffs.


Make Conversation

According to studies, customers would prefer to deal with businesses and staffs that they like. Whenever you are talking to a customer either through phone or high speed Internet, always attempt to engage them in a conversation instead of turning every call into a mechanical routine wherein you just inquire about what they need and write it down in a report. Instead of small talks, mix your conversation with aspects that are related to the product or service they need, addressing the customer’s problem along the way.


If the customer is in any way angry towards the company, steer them away from that and focus instead on how both of you can solve the issue. Empathize with the customer by allowing them to vent their frustrations with their experience on the product or service. If you had encountered the same problem before, let them know how you handled it. Making the customer service as personal as possible will help make the experience positive for clients.


Owning Up

Customers get frustrated with customer service personnel if they are trying to pass the issue to another person. Experts recommend customer service staff to own up to the issue at hand for every call that they get. It is important that you try to do solve the problem as best as you can. If you really have to pass on the call, be there for your customer in transitioning them to the next level.


Opportunity Taking

Lastly, for every call that you get, you should consider this as an opportunity. This is your chance to showcase how effective the company you are in at tackling issues. It is also a way for you to determine how the customers feel for the company which you can pitch in to your supervisor on how things can be done better. Do not cringe whenever a customer speaks of how competitors are better. Instead, take this as an opportunity for you to find out what the competition is doing and what your company can do to improve its services.