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What exactly is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a new and more powerful way to market businesses and brands. It uses a ‘pull’ approach to attract potential customers, when they are actively searching for products and services - instead of the traditional marketing ‘push’ approach of selling to people when they may not be ready to buy or may not want what is being sold.

Inbound marketing takes the different aspects used in traditional outbound marketing - email, PPC and SEO and adds this to content marketing, social media and advanced marketing automation technology to create a complete, measurable system that can consistently bring in more leads and business.

Five things every business-owner needs to know about inbound marketing:

  1. Inbound marketing is very advanced and effective, but relatively simple to put into place.
  2. Inbound marketing is proven to help businesses achieve more, in less time, at less cost - giving you a 15% increase to top line growth at 60% less cost than traditional marketing methods.
  3. Inbound marketing focuses on ‘push’ rather than ‘pull’ marketing to tap into existing demand.Inbound marketing can form the backbone of revenue management, creating more leads and more revenue with less effort.
  4. Inbound marketing lets you view and analyse the results of your marketing activity - as it’s happening.Most companies are keen to win more business whilst reducing costs.
  5. Inbound marketing allows them to do that by providing a clearer and more transparent strategy for attracting leads and winning new customers.


Are you seeing the results you’d like from your current marketing approach?