What the head of marketing in 2017 should look like

Nick Hyde, PR & content manager at Happy Creative, interviews MD Karen Lambert to discuss what the head of marketing in 2017 should look like

In my near 30 years as a marketer the marketing landscape has never been so fluid. It shows no signs of standing still, and as it evolves the modern day marketer evolves with it.

Here’s my thinking on what the head of marketing in 2017 looks like…

The head of marketing in 2017…

… is visionary

They are clear about their vision, can see it, touch it, hear it, even smell it. They have a laser-beam focus on their marketing vision and a confidence they will achieve it. They are not alone, they engage their team with their vision and instil a collective focus on achievement. Their leadership is agile, robust and passionate. Interestingly they don’t mind if they aren’t the centre of attention.

…. is transparent and open

They are as comfortable with sharing successes as well as disappointments. They try new things and are willing to admit if it doesn’t quite work out as they had hoped. They learn quickly. They are proactive about sharing success, creating and circulating insights that add value.

… is brave

With so much available to the modern day marketer, (channels, systems, platforms, reporting to name a few) the head of marketing in 2017 is certainly brave. They don’t stick with what they’ve always done, they are open to new ways of marketing and influencing. They are rational in their decision making. They look at results and effectiveness to move quickly. They aren’t afraid to try a new channel, be the first in their industry to try something different or to drive and implement a bold and challenging creative idea.

… is a champion of customers

Being customer centric means they know their audience intimately, they are familiar with personas, they segment, they know what customers like and don’t like. They listen. And they act. They recognise that good old-fashioned marketing values are still as relevant as ever in today’s technology-rich world.

… is In harmony with sales

Their work empowers their  sales colleagues with rich lead information and personalised content marketing. They are leading and facilitating regular conversations about brand values, lead generation, customer experience and results. They are a friend of sales and consider themselves part of the sales team.

... is future focused

They are constantly asking what’s next? With so much on offer, they are constantly researching, evaluating, and horizon scanning for what’s next. They are armed with all the right information to roll with the latest trend if they choose to. They know how the latest ideas can impact their own strategy and tactics.

There has never been a more diverse, exciting and challenging time to be head of marketing.