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What information do B2B buyers want from you? Learn how to meet their needs…

B2B buyers do not make hasty decisions. Quite the opposite. Not only do they begin the buying process from a position of considerable knowledge, they also spend significant time acquiring the additional information they need to make the best possible choice. For obvious reasons, most will not sit down with a supplier until they consider themselves expert enough to benefit from that meeting.

So the challenge for marketers is to provide them with that information in the smartest, most convenient (and most cost-effective) way possible. It was therefore one of the key aims of the new Buyersphere research into B2B buyer behaviour to look at how they acquire that information, and what they expect of the brands on their radar.

We asked 500 B2B buyers about recent purchases (of at least £20,000) in order to find out:

  • What kind of information they sought
  • The format in which they wanted it
  • Where they went to find it

The findings are not only fascinating, but also extremely valuable to marketers and agencies who are planning their communications strategy.

Get free insight now by downloading our free mini-report, Filling The Knowledge Gap: How B2B Buyers Seek Information To Make A Purchase