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What IT Marketers should Learn from the iPhone 6’s Recent Sales Victories


Perhaps, the Huffington Post wasn’t exaggerating when it wrote “The iPhone Just Obliterated Sales Records” as the title of a recent report. Because let’s be real here: the iPhone 6 really did surpass thresholds by a mile, with around 74 million units sold which amount to a staggering $18 billion in gross profits as of January.

With the typical consumer, both B2B and B2C marketers in the IT and software development industry are just as willing to know about Apple’s secret in securing such monumental gains in their IT lead generation and appointment setting.

Indeed, numerous factors are attributed to Apple’s recent success with the iPhone 6 and how it outperformed previous models in terms of sales, and we’re all itching to know just what these are that could help in marketing IT products and services.

Here are just some of them.

Aggressive social media marketing

Leading up to its unveiling in September last year, Apple initiated an aggressive and clever social media campaign that kept loyal and potential users alike interested. The #WishWeCouldSayMore hashtag was effective in its own right with millions mentioning the unveiling ceremony over Twitter and Facebook. This goes to show that social media marketing is a potent implement, especially when it works hand in hand with other strategies such as telemarketing and email marketing.

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Minimalist ethos

Apple has been known to embrace minimalism as typified by the range of products it offers – from smartphones to laptops. But beyond that, the company has always been very effective at grabbing anyone’s attention just by taking it simple. Take for instance its trade shows and exhibits. They were able to sell the iPhone 6 effectively just by letting the product do much of the talking. This is also important when you are communicating the potential benefits of a VOIP product over the phone.

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Identified influencers

Apple often relies on its influencers to do all the promoting. During the September release of the iPhone 6, U2 was there to not only to give entertainment, but also to make sweet music with a company known to be an innovator in its own industry like the Irish band itself. Indeed, having someone influential to serve as a brand advocate entails a good boost to your image, offering your products the visibility it deserves.

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Apple’s tread to the top wouldn’t have been possible however without having the right people to handle the production of its devices. Proficiencies are also needed in order to lead a successful IT marketing campaign. It’s just a matter of hiring the right organization with an excellent track record in terms of delivering quality IT sales leads.